Our Company

Tradition, knowledge and development

Two families, with a rich history and tradition at sea, came together in 2013. They joined forces and exchanged know-how in the fishing, trading and import of fishery products. Based on their common principles for quality and reliability, they created a company with very strong foundations: Cosmofish SA.

Shaping tradition

The Roussis family, which had already been in the fishing industry for three generations, started a new chapter in the company’s business in 1984 - a landmark year - with the construction of the fishing vessel “Hapiness” in Florida, U.S.A., by Ioannis Roussis. Two years later the company increased its potential by purchasing the fishing vessel “Hellenic Spirit”. Both vessels were active for the following five years in tuna and swordfish fishing, in the Gulf of Mexico and the Boston area. In the 1990s the ships crossed the Atlantic and arrived in Greece.

The experience and know-how, as well as the use of modern fishing methods introduced by the family, gave new life to the Greek fishing industry. This advantage, combined with the commercial mindset of the new generation, Dimitris and Antonis Roussis, expanded the company’s activities to include significant exports of bluefin tuna and swordfish, not only to Europe but also to far-off Japan.

In the same period, the Bulgaris family, with a valuable experience of three generations in the trading of fishery products, set a new course in 1981, by making the first imports of fresh fish from many European and African countries, such as France, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia and South Africa. The personal involvement of Nikolaos Voulgaris in all foreign market activities ensured excellent quality of fisheries, which quickly became well-known and loved throughout Greece.

The dynamic new era of Cosmofish

Today, the two families, continuing their joint fishing tradition, make up the multipurpose company Cosmofish SA, which covers the entire range of exports and imports to and from Greece of all types of superior quality fishery products. Moreover, Cosmofish SA supplies the industry with modern, state-of-the-art fishing equipment in a consistent and straightforward manner, thus earning the confidence of the international market.