The Cosmofish comprehensive vertical service network

Quality guaranteed at all stages

Cosmofish SA is active at all stages of the fisheries supply: fishing, sorting, preservation and distribution.

Fishing: Cosmofish cooperates with more than 50 professional fishermen, who share with us the same principles as far as the superior quality of our products and the protection of the environment are concerned. All fishing vessels are equipped with VMS-ERS monitoring and recording systems and are outfitted with state-of-the-art fishing gear, developed by our company.

Sorting-Preservation: The selection and excellent preservation of superior quality fisheries is ensured by the sense of responsibility of our experienced and highly-skilled personnel.

Management-Distribution: Cosmofish’s customer support department serves our customers on a 24-hour basis, ensuring the prompt handling of all orders and the immediate delivery of products in excellent condition.

Committed to preserving the environment

Our experience and expertise in the management of fishery products, in conjunction with the implementation of the HACCP& ISO certification schemes, is undeniable proof that Cosmofish respects the environment and is committed to preserving the marine flora and fauna.