Privacy Policy


1. General

For Cosmofish S.A., the respect for privacy, protection and security of your personal data has primary importance. For this reason, we take appropriate steps to protect the personal data we process and ensure that personal data are processed in accordance with the obligations set out in the legal framework by both the company and third parties.
Cosmofish has established this privacy policy in order to notify regarding the type of data collection when you visit and to contact for any matter that may concern you about your personal data.

2. Modifications  

As provided by law, we reserve our right to change this statement and to apply any change to your data and to our practices respectively concerning the collection and processing of data and/or to amend or replace all and/or part of this policy.
If there are modifications to this policy or our practices regarding your data are to be changed in the future, we will notify you via our website. If, however, you wish to have any clarification or information regarding the changes, or have any argument or question, you can contact us in the details listed below. Please note that any clarification/information provided to you in accordance with the above, regarding any changes to this policy, does not constitute a replacement or any modification of this policy. 

Date updated:20/06/2019 

3. Limitations

This website belongs to the company Cosmofish S.A. users may not copy, reproduce, distribute, disseminate, share, sell, publish and circulate in any way material from this website, except for personal, non-profit use, as the intellectual property rights that protect it are not affected.  


1. Who is data controller?

Data controller is the company named "COSMOFISH SOCIETE Anonyme" and the distinctive title "COSMOFISH", based in IXTHIOSKALA KERATSINIOU-GR. 27, with VAT number 099106016, TAX Office: FAE PIRAEUS and General Commercial Registry. No.: 044610207000, hereinafter referred to as "COSMOFISH" (or company), and email:



1. What data we collect about you and how?

When navigating to our website, the company does not collect any information about you, either directly or by third parties or by automatic way.
Now therefore, Cosmofish does not disclose any information to anyone from your browsing site.
The information you fill in the contact form is sent by email (for which the necessary technical measures have been taken) and not stored anywhere else. 



1. Security of personal data

We apply appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data we maintain from unauthorized disclosure, use, alteration or destruction. As appropriate, we use encryption and other technologies that can help secure the information you provide. 

2. Maintaining personal data

In order to determine the retention time of personal data, we take into account the nature of your data, the quantity, the purpose of processing, their safety, etc. You have the right to ask us to delete your data. For exercising your right, please contact the company on the phone: 00302104935003. or send us an email

3. Curriculum Vitae

Cosmofish stores only those that are of interest to her directly or in the near future. CVS are collected and stored in an encrypted space with maximum retention time of three months. 



Regarding your personal data that we have at our disposal and we process, you have the following rights:

  •  Request to access them in order to confirm that are under the conformity of law and/or your own preferences and orders.
  •  Ask for us to correct incomplete, not-updated or inaccurate data we hold about you. Of course, we also reserve the right to ask you to update your information at regular intervals.  
  • Oppose their use under certain circumstances;

COSMOFISH S.A. Cookies policy

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What are cookies? 

Cookies are small text files that contain information stored in your computer's browser when you browse the Cosmofish website and can be removed at any time. We only use the strictly necessary session Cookies. Session cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the website, allowing you to browse and use its functions, such as access to secure areas. These cookies do not have access to your individual identity They are technically necessary for the operation of the site so you cannot discard them.



If you have any questions about this policy or complaints regarding the processing of your personal data, please contact us